Top 10 Things You Should Give Up For Lent
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1. pizza buy from 12
yes, difficulty level: 10,990,000
2. sweets buy from 10
The most difficult for pretty much anyone and yet probably the most healthy.
3. sarcasm buy from 9
Your biting tone needs an adjustment.
inebriated taxodermy
I always struggle with this one
5. facebook buy from 8
solid usability and good integration on their regular website
Amazon Fire!
pleasure cruising at night through eel-infested waters
I know, you can't help it. Give it up!
girl scout cookies
your friday night plans
Stations, please.
9. makeup buy from 2
Show us your natural beauty!
10. pessimism buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
A great opportunity to focus on the positive.
Amazon Fire!
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