Top 15 Unfortunate Translations
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1. pee cola buy from 12
pee cola
2. dubble dusch buy from 10
dubble dusch
not just one slimey lowlife, a double slimey lowlife
3. full fart buy from 9
full fart
when you're bending backward and doing some weird yoga move, you don't want just a semi-fart or a half-assed fart, you want the full fart. don't mess around with anything else!
4. ayds buy from 9
6 faggots in gravy
Visceral, Page-turner, Spiritual Miracle Novel
shrimp flavored crack
Why would you want crack-flavored crack when it can seem like you're eating shimp as you get slammed?
7. skum mus buy from 8
you dirty little skummy chocolate nuggets! just skummy
8. god mad buy from 7
god mad
and he want vengence!
cream collon
10. only puke buy from 6
only puke
We only serve the best. None of that real food, only puke.
Visceral, Page-turner, Spiritual Miracle Novel
11. daim buy from 6
the jew's ear juice
13. pet sweat buy from 4
pet sweat
child shredded meat
False advertising? Please?
15. tastes like grandma! buy from 1 A down vote will remove this item!
tastes like grandma!
Visceral, Page-turner, Spiritual Miracle Novel
Score: 1

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