Membership  |  Using Campbell Networks  |  Questions for Founder John Campbell


Q.     How do I become a member of Campbell Networks? What does it cost to become a member?

A.     Check out Join Us for all the details. If you’re in a hurry, you can use the Quick Subscribe on the Home Page. Basic membership is free. Deluxe Membership costs $25/year.

Q.     Why should I join Campbell Networks?

A.     See Membership Benefits to learn more.

Q.     How do I join groups within Campbell Networks?

A.     Once you become a member, you can use your profile to add as many new groups as you like. A listing of member groups is here.

Q.     How does my group join Campbell Networks?

A.     Contact us at Campbell Networks!


Q.     Do I need to become a member to attend events?

A.     Most events do not require any sort of membership. Details, however, are set by the group sponsoring the activity and are listed under each event.

Q.     What events are scheduled?

A.     Please visit our Calendar of Events page to peruse events. Imminent activities are on the Home Page under Upcoming Events and newly added events appear on the Home Page under Latest Activity.

Q.     How can I be notified of events?

A.     Once you become a member, you can use your profile to sign up for as many groups as you like. Most groups have an email notification system for events put on by that group. There is a list of groups here.

Q.     Can I see pictures from recent events?

A.     Of course. Please visit the Media Gallery.

Q.     How can I advertise on the website?

A.     Contact us at Campbell Networks!

Q.     I’m a Campbell Networks member who volunteers with a nonprofit organization – can I post my charity’s events on the Campbell Networks community calendar?

A.     Only Campbell Networks member groups can post on the calendar. However, numerous nonprofits have signed on as groups – have your organization contact us at Campbell Networks!


Q.     Why did you start this?

A.     The origination dates back to when my sister was in Los Angeles and I saw the power of networking from her. When I loved to downtown San Diego, I decided to put a plan in action. Though I’ve been in San Diego forever, I knew very few people who actually lived downtown. With the help of a couple of friends, we started a once-a-month happy hour. It’s been great to force me and friends to check out new places and meet new people.

Q.     What other motivations?

A.     I’ve always been frustrated when someone asks me “do you know someone who . . .” and I know I do, but I can’t remember who it was. I tried to catalog that on Campbell Networks v2.0, but Linked In came in and did it 20 times better. However, they can’t do the face-to-face introductions or react to local needs.

Q.     What about business connections?

A.     Although I have made good connections through these efforts, the amount I have been able to help my friends is tenfold. They have found jobs, clients, friends, etc. that they likely wouldn’t have otherwise.

Q.     Where will this go?

A.     Hopefully, you’ll come along for the ride! We’d even like you to take the steering wheel every once in a while and give us your thoughts on how we can improve. Send your thoughts to the Suggestion Box.